What You Will Learn

Combine the power of real foods, root cause nutrition and emerging sports nutrition practices

  • How much you should be eating for your activity level and goals

  • How to maximize training and recovery responses

  • Real food meal and snack ideas

  • Effective hydration formulas

  • Specific supplement guidelines with product names, dosages and timing

Why I Created This Course

As a former Division I power 5 sports dietitian, I spent the first 5 years of my career determined to combine the power of functional medicine with sports nutrition.

I sought to combine the power of real food, root-cause nutrition with emerging sports nutrition practices. I created this course to provide you a holistic look at the very strategies I used and continue to use with athletes of all ages and levels to optimize their performance on and off the field. The content in this course will teach you not just how to look at fueling for performance but how to do so while supporting internal health and wellness.
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Course curriculum

45 minutes of video content

  • 1

    Welcome to the Course!

    • Welcome to the Course!
  • 2

    Establishing Your Energy Needs + Macros

    • Establishing Your Energy Needs + Macros
  • 3

    Expediting Recovery

    • Expediting Recovery
  • 4

    Top 10 Performance Enhancing Foods

    • Top 10 Performance Enhancing Foods
  • 5

    Snacking 101

    • Snacking 101
  • 6

    Effective Hydration Practices

    • Effective Hydration Practices
  • 7

    When and How to Supplement

    • When and How to Supplement
  • 8

    Winning Strategies

    • Winning Strategies + Closing Remarks
  • 9


    • Calculating Your Energy Needs Worksheet
    • Performance Nutrition Gold


Lauren Papanos, MS, RD, CSSD

Registered Dietitian

Lauren Papanos, MS, RD, CSSD

Lauren is a Registered Dietitian who holds both her Bachelor's and Master's Degrees in Nutritional Sciences. She is board certified in sports dietetics and trained in functional nutrition. She spent the first five years of her career working with elite athletes in the collegiate, professional, and olympic setting. For the past seven years she has also been the Chief Dietitian at her private practice, Functional Fueling Nutrition where she specializes in women's health, hormones, metabolism, and exercise performance. She has been featured in several magazines, newspapers, and interviews. To learn more about her credentials and professional experience please visit, www.functionalfueling.com or find her on social @nutritionwithlo.

What Customer's Say...

Vernard J

"Not only have I been able to lose over 20 lbs. and inches but my endurance and strength has gone up three fold during my two a day training sessions. I am much more mentally alert and my quality of life has been raised through the roof!! In 6.5 months I have slimmed down to 10% body fat, 40 in waist to a 32 in waist and I am finally seeing true results from my competitive training!!"

Jackson R

"Thank you for making this course. I have been looking for something that provides all of this information, easy to understand and in one place. This course was such a great investment for my training goals. I am already feeling so much better. Thank you!!"


  • How long do I have access to the course?

    Forever! You may wish to complete the course at your convenience and reference it at any time.

  • What do you mean by real foods functional performance nutrition?

    Real foods are foods that are in their truest form. Think fruits, vegetables, nuts, seeds, animal products. Functional foods are foods that provide function outside of their nutritional value. For example, salmon is a protein and fat source, however, it also is rich in Omega 3 fatty acids. Functional nutrition also encompasses a root-cause model that takes a holistic view to solving nutrition questions.

  • What is the Performance Nutrition Gold PDF that's included?

    Performance Nutrition Gold is Lauren's tried and true nutrition philosophy in a short eBook. The eBook provides you with nutrition fundamentals, a food hierarchy, best to worst foods list, and supplementation guidance. These are the very principles she has used for years in working with all levels of athletes.

My 30 Day Money Back Guarantee

I am so confident you will love this course. However, if you have completed the course and aren't satisfied with it for any reason, I will give you a full refund.

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