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Purchase of the Quarantine Comeback Challenge Required for this Add-On


  • What is included in the Custom Nutrition Add-On?

    Upon purchase you will be routed to a link to provide a comprehensive nutrition assessment. This assessment will be used for Lauren to build out your custom nutrition needs. As part of this add-on you will receive custom daily macronutrients integrated through our app, Functional Nutrition. You macronutrient guidelines will be broken down by each meal. You will also receive a custom meal plan that includes these macro recommendations.

  • When can I expect to receive my plan?

    Purchase of this plan option will close on January 8th. You can expect to receive your custom plan on or before January 10th.

  • Will I have the ability to ask Lauren questions after purchase?

    Yes! You can ask any questions during the Quarantine Comeback Challenge by using our group chat feature or by presenting your questions each week during our live Q+A's.

Purchase QCC+ Custom Nutrition