My Proven 4-part Metabolism Framework

Hi, I'm Lauren! I'm a functional medicine dietitian and a specialist in women's hormones. I created this program to help you break through a weight plateau, increase your energy and to take back your confidence in your amazing female body. The information in this program I have applied to myself and to hundreds of female clients over the years. This is the framework I come back to time and time again after every Holiday, vacation or period of low motivation (yes, I have those too!). These 4 fundamentals helped me rewire my metabolism and hormones so that I could regain a normal menstrual cycle, heal my thyroid, clear my skin, and lose 10 lbs. (and maintain it!). This is a 4 week program that can be used as many times as year as a "reset" or as a framework to how you eat year-round. You will not find calorie counting or extreme diet practices in this program. This is an evidence-based and results-driven program. It is easy to follow and effective. I can't wait for you to join us and see your amazing results! Xoxo, Lauren

What They Say About the Reset...

What's Included

in The 4 Week Metabolism Reset

  • The Reset Guide

    Everything you need to know to be successful with this program! I lay it out simply for you to follow and provide the reasoning behind everything I recommend. Each week we highlight a new component. Week 1: Metabolism Plate (what to eat). Week 2: Routines (when to eat and exercise for hormone health). Week 3: Detoxification (learn how to support detoxification to boost thyroid hormones and weight loss). Week 4: Stimulus Days (learn how to break through weight plateaus so that you can see progress for years to come).

  • The Reset Spreadsheet

    You will get access to our Program Spreadsheet to track your habits, measure your progress and to plan meals using the recipes and meal framework provided.

  • The Reset Meal Plan

    42 whole food recipes that can be made in bulk for the week or as a fresh dinner for the family. Included are breakfast, lunch, dinner and dessert options.

  • The Reset Support Group

    You will get access to a private Voxer support group where you can ask me or the other gals in the group questions and share your wins! This group will be active the entire 4 weeks of the program.

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  • Can I benefit from this program if I have a medical condition?

    This program is for general metabolism support and is not intended to treat a medical condition. You can still benefit from this program if you have a medical condition. However, if you are in need of medical nutrition therapy, please apply to work with Lauren at

  • Are there any consultations included in the program?

    No, there are no 1:1 consultations included. However, you will receive Voxer access to ask Lauren any questions during the course of this program.

  • Are there refunds available?

    We are so confident that you will love this program that we do not offer refunds. Once purchased, you will be able to download this program to reference forever. If you are unable to join us during the live launch of this program, you can purchase it and start at any time that is convenient for you!

  • Will I have access to this program forever?

    Yes! Once purchased, you will be able to download the eBook and recipes so that you can come back to them at anytime.

  • Will this program work for me if I am on birth control of thyroid medication?

    Yes! This program has worked for women of all ages and with different backgrounds. The program is about optimizing your body's physiology from within.

  • Can I join this program if I have dietary restrictions?

    Yes! The program outlines how to eat and provides several options for building meals. These can be modified for vegetarian, vegan, pescatarian, gluten free and dairy free diets. There are also recipes included that accommodate these dietary restrictions. All recipes are gluten and dairy free.

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