8 Week Program


In this 8 Week Program, I will walk you through my proven, root-cause approach that will start at rebalancing and rewiring your hormones and metabolism. I will teach you how to use food-as-medicine and to confidently understand how to nourish your body with the fuel it needs to have more energy, get more from workouts, and to achieve and maintain your goals, effortlessly!

What's to Come!

In this 8 Week Program, I will teach you everything and more that I provide 1:1 clients, for a fraction of the price!

  • 8 Video Educations

    Each week you will receive a new video education module to educate you on how to rewire your body!

  • 8 Worksheets

    Each video module will have 1-2 worksheets that you will complete as you learn. As a bonus, I am including a free 15 min. consultation to review these worksheets for you and ensure you are on the right track!

  • Weekly Coaching Calls

    Each week we will meet for 30 minutes where you can ask any questions in a live, group format. Additionally, once registering for the course, you will be added to my community group of others who are currently working through the course or have recently completed it!

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What Client's Say..

"I’m very excited with how my nutrition has changed my entire life. This is the best my body has looked EVER!!!!!! And I feel so much better all around. I am beyond thrilled with every bit of my progress. Lauren has equipped me with information that I can use as a lifelong process. I haven't felt this great about my weight ever and myself." - Cindi T.
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