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Custom Workout Plan with Consultation

Personalized to your individual nutrition needs

Upon purchase, schedule your call with Coach Kaitlin to review your goals. You can expect 3 strength training workouts per week. All workouts are custom programmed by Kaitlin to your goals, fitness level, equipment availability and any injury limitations. Workouts take on average 45 minutes.
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  • What is included in the Custom Routines or Workouts Add-On?

    Upon purchase you will be routed to a link to provide a comprehensive assessment. This assessment will be used for Kaitlin to build out your custom plan. As part of this add-on you will receive a custom weekly blueprint and a 30 minute call with Kaitlin to review this before starting.

  • Can I choose to add on workouts or routines or are both included?

    You can choose! You must choose workouts or routines, not both. If you choose workouts, Kaitlin will write custom workouts for you that will help bring up your weak points and be geared specifically to your body type and goals. If you have any injuries these will also be considered in your plan. If you choose the custom routines option, Kaitlin will work with your lifestyle to help you build out an effective schedule that highlights time for your nutrition, workouts and other health supportive habits. This is a great option for someone feeling like they can't find the time to get it all done, lacking energy to prioritize nutrition and workouts, or needing a realistic blueprint that works with their busy lifestyle!

  • When can I expect to receive my plan?

    Purchase of this plan option will close on January 8th. You can expect to receive your custom plan on or before January 10th. You should plan to reserve 30 minutes for a call with Kaitlin on January 10th to review your plan before beginning.

  • Will I have the ability to ask Kaitlin questions after purchase?

    Yes! You can ask any questions during the Quarantine Comeback Challenge by using our group chat feature or by presenting your questions each week during our live Q+A's.

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  • $150.00

    QCC+ Custom Routines or Workouts